When describing Serbian cuisine to someone who hasn’t had the chance to sample it, you use adjectives like “comfort,” “passion,” “cheerful,” and “heartily” — not the typical keywords you’d use to describe a dish. But after you experience Serbian food, you’ll see why these names are practically synonymous with it.

We have some specialties you must try to truly appreciate what makes traditional Serbian food so amazing if gastronomy tourism is your idea of the ideal vacation and Serbia is your next trip.

We dedicate special attention to reading every review our guests write about our restaurant. We are always trying to do our best to the maximum satisfaction. We pay attention to the bad reviews and always try to change everything for the better. But there are times like this when we receive great reviews, we just can’t resist not sharing with you.

The next testimonial is what we are talking about, which is from @missimperfectmili (find her on Instagram*she is great), she is a world traveler. She visited our restaurant and below you can read what she wrote about us:

Wherever in the world we are, we simply can’t resist Serbian food, so being all around the world, we were always searching for some good Serbian restaurant, and this time that was in Miami!

  • Rakija Grill is located in the city center, you have outdoors as well and inside everything reminds us of our tradition!
  • ‘’Ajvar I kajmak’’ a must try! There is as well a giant map of old Yugoslavia inside, I was just wondering how a big country that was! , Also you can buy some Serbian products plazma, ajvar,
  • They usually say here: ‘’If it doesn’t exist in Miami that it doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world’ ’, here you can find whatever you imagined, from Cuban, Serbian. Japanese to Mexican and Ethiopian food, bon appetit!

Below you can see the picture from @missimperfectmili in Rakija Grill

Also we will show you the Yugoslavia map she is talking about

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