(Domestic Pear Brandy)

Fine rakija brandy called Viljamovka is among the most popular types of rakija thanks to its striking golden color and its sweet as honey taste. It’s made of carefully sourced Williams pears that are fermented and processed with a lot of patience and craftsmanship. The end result is a sophisticated hard liquor everyone can enjoy, but only true devotees can fully appreciate. How do you know if you’re drinking premium quality Viljamovka? Well, when you drink the good stuff served in our establishment, the burning effect in your throat is substituted with a subtle aftertaste that you’ll fall in love with after a few glasses, just like we did.

VILJAMOVKA Domestic Pear Brandy

(Apricot Brandy)

When it comes to fruit brandies, nothing compares to a premium quality Kajsijevaca. This fine liquor is made of a particular variety of apricot that’s mostly grown in the Southeast region of Europe. The apricot is gathered in the summer and then fermented in a long and careful process. Once the fermentation process is finished, the fruit distillate is stored and aged until it’s ready to be bottled. Kajsijevaca has a sweet scent and a complex flavor. You can really taste notes of fresh apricot in every sip of this fantastic and polished liquor.

(Quince Brandy)

Dunjevaca is always a solid choice as long as you know what you’re drinking. We source only high-quality Dunjevaca from experienced producers who avoid making shortcuts when producing this delicate drink. It’s made of quince that’s hand-picked at just the right time. Allowing the fruit to mature makes it sweeter and perfect for manufacturing high-grade Dunjevaca. Among all the types of Rakija, Dunjevaca usually has the highest alcohol content, so always make sure to drink responsibly. We recommend it as a great appetizer drink to get you ready for the main dish.

DUNJEVACA Quince Brandy

(Plum Brandy)

Plum brandy, also called Sljivovica, is the most widely recognized type of Rakija. It’s the national drink of the Serbian people and had been recognized and awarded on numerous occasions. As a protected brand of Serbia, Rakija made of plum can only be labeled as Sljivovica if it has been directly imported from the motherland. This hard liquor is infused with tradition, century-old craftsmanship, and national pride.

A sip of Sljivovica is like tasting the entire history of the Balkan region. The reason why plum brandy from Serbia is incomparable to other knock-offs is simple. Original Sljivovica is made from a variety of plum that is grown only in the Balkans. This premium, organic variety yields a drink that is characterized by a gorgeous yellow color, strong aromatic smell, and a flavor that’s best described as caramel-like.

(Aged Grape Brandy)

When made by truly experienced producers, Aged Grape Brandy is a remarkable liquor that is best enjoyed among friends. The one we serve at our Serbian restaurant is produced in our homeland by seasoned artisans. Their meticulous approach, combined with patience and time is key to creating a high-quality aged grape brandy. Time is especially crucial because the aging process can last for years. In the end, you get an elegant drink with a strong aroma and fruity flavor notes.

Aged grape brandy can also have a somewhat musky taste, combined with hints of various spices. This unique taste is most likely influenced by the oak barrels in which the brandy is stored and aged. We suggest you take your time with this drink, smell the aroma and then slowly take one sip at a time.

LOZA Aged Grape Brandy
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