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When you want to describe Serbian food to someone who has never had the chance to try it, you use words like “comfort,” “passion,” “cheerful,” “heartily” — not the usual terms you would use when trying to describe a dish. However, these terms are almost synonymous with the Serbian cuisine, and once you try it, you’ll understand why.

If gastronomy tourism is your way of spending a perfect vacation and you have Serbia designated as your next stop, here are some of the specialties you must try in order to really understand what’s so great about traditional Serbian food.

Guide to Traditional Serbian Food


We talked about sarma on numerous occasions, but there is no such thing as too much praise when it comes to this sour cabbage specialty. Nutritious, delicious, and savory, this dish should be a part of every Serbian full-course dinner.

Sarma can be served as an entrée or as the main course with a side of mash potato. You can eat it with a spoon or dip a piece of bread into it. The best part is — it’s even better when you reheat it.


Another staple part of the Serbian cuisine is prebranac. Prebranac is a caramelized mix of beans and onions served as a casserole-style meal.

If you’re visiting Serbia in the winter, this should be your go-to meal for a cozy night spent with your closest friends and family. Since prebranac is one of the most popular meals during religious fasts, it’s also considered a vegan dish, but some variations can include meat as well, so make sure to ask the waiter before you order.

Karadjordjeva Schnitzel

The Serbs have their own take on the traditional schnitzel and dare we say, it’s the tastiest version we ever tried. It’s no wonder the meal got its name after a Serbian monarch.

Karadjordjeva’s schnitzel can be made of chicken, pork, or veal, but the way it’s served always stays the same. The meat is rolled and stuffed with cheese or kajmak before being breaded and fried. It’s served as a delicious main course and topped with tartar sauce. A real royal dish for true gastronomes.


Of course, any list of delicious Serbian dishes is not complete without the juicy, meaty specialty known as cevapi. There are different versions of this dish, but the Serbian version is usually made of beef and served in a freshly baked piece of bread known as lepinja.

You can choose to add different types of salad, but we recommend going with the basic onion and kajmak mix for the most authentic flavor.


Mediterranean Pljeskavica

Last but not least, we have the upgraded Serbian version of the burger — pljeskavica. Probably the favorite post-drinking meal, this grilled meat is loved both by locals and tourists when they want to close out an exciting night out on the town.

It’s made of a spicy mixture of various types of meat, which is grilled to perfection. You can order it on a plate and savor in every bite, or as a take-out, neatly packed into a hot lepinja or pita bread. Order a side of onions, ajvar, or kajmak if you really want to fall in love with traditional Serbian food.

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