• Rakija - Serbian Hard Alcoholic Drink or Brandy From Fermented Fruits

Serbian rakija is the most multifaceted spirit, and it definitely brings something more than just enjoying the unique effect and taste of this drink with our friends and family on every occasion possible. Actually, it can also be used to treat many physical illnesses as well; not just the ones affecting the soul.

Considering the high level of alcohol in Serbian rakija, we should always be careful about how much of it we consume. However, having a tiny amount of rakija can prove to be rather beneficial for one’s health. That said, it is believed that rakija could really help with several conditions.

The Hangover Cure Drink

Those who had a chance to learn more about Serbian rakija have definitely heard about its magical power as the hangover cure drink. In order for this magic to work though, we just have to keep on drinking it. After some time, we will get so three sheets to the wind that no one will even remember what the word hangover means. The hangover cure drink really works!

A Solution to Muscle Pain

In case we often experience some muscle pains all we have to do is simply take about 6 oz of strong rakija (about 60 percent) and mix it up with six hot chilies, peppers, and black pepper. Now, put all that in a jar for about a week. It will turn into a thick black paste; apply it with a cotton pad on the sore area and massage. Do this just before going to bed and enjoy the effects immediately.

Emergency Toothache Relief

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Domaca rakija (homemade rakija) is also used as a disinfectant that acts as an emergency toothache relief, cures mouth ulcers, as well as manages other oral ailments. Gurgling rakija will decrease the pain as it numbs the area temporarily while we go to the dentist for a proper checkup. However, don’t go to the dentist while drunk – this emergency toothache relief will only work when you gurgle, not swallow.  

Infected Wounds Treatment

Take domaca rakija that has at least 40 percent alcohol content. This alcoholic beverage has anti-inflammatory properties and is excellent for treating skin infections and wounds. Apply domaca rakija on a cotton pad and tap it on the infected area. The stinging we feel after the application is a sign that the liquor is working! And it’s also a great solution if we don’t have regular alcohol at our immediate reach. 

A Quick Cure for Fever

Mixing rakija with chestnut is used as massaging oil that acts as a quick cure for fever. This is a simple trick that’s been used in Serbia for centuries as the mixture has the ability to lower body temperature. Again, this is just a quick cure for fever – if the symptoms persist, make sure to visit a doctor.

Our elders used to take a glass of rakija every morning right after waking up to better their blood circulation. If you’re interested in improving your blood circulation as well, want to enjoy a shot of rakija, or simply have a wish to explore the world of Balkan cuisine and hospitality, feel free to pay us a visit at Miami’s Rakija Grill. We’re happy to present you with a variety of flavors and textures from our side of the world in the sunlit Miami setting.

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